Want custom athletic or UV dri-fit shirt for your boat or club in low quantities?  Dye Sublimation is for you!

Dye Sublimation will give you bright photo quality printing you cannot obtain with traditional screen printing.   Sublimation works best with 100% polyester or polyester coated items though you can use poly blends.  Dye sublimation is a soft shirt printing technique that allows all-over-printing of full color images with superior softness. Your artwork is first printed onto large sheets of high release paper substrate, and the images are then transferred to the garments using heat and pressure. The heat converts the solid dye particles into a gas, and the pressure forces them to bond to the polyester content of the garments. The dye is absorbed by the garment during the sublimation process, which differs from the screen print process, where the ink sits on top of the garment.